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Dnepr K-750 Care & Maintenance

This manual gives the basic but essential maintenance instructions and settings for the motorcycle.



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The original manual is still in Russian but there have been many enquiries regarding an English version.

To get round this problem I have made a 'Hybrid' manual. The basic manual used is the K650 Care & Maintenance.

As you may know the K-650 is identical to the K-750M except for the early KMZ OHV engine. Even so, the different engine uses the same ignition (manual advance distributor) & 6V generator, electrics, etc. as the side-valve K-750.

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Dnepr K-750

(Ukraine) 750cc 28 bhp Side-valve engine. 1960's replacement of the M-72 as the primary Soviet military motorcycle.

The K-750 was the first of the 750cc machines built in Kiev Motor Works (KMZ) Ukraine. It was similar to the Russian IMZ M-72 (frame, engine, plunger rear suspension etc) except for a few details: it used short leading link front forks, full width aluminium hubs as used up to the end of KMZ, different handle bar levers, black speedometer face and a few other minor details.