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Cossack Motorcycles

Information site for later Ural, Dnepr and IZH motorbikes imported into the UK as Cossacks, Nevals as well as under their own names


Windmill Motorcycles

Based in the UK they are an eBay supplier for many parts

Windmill Motorcycles | eBay Stores

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The Cossack Owners Club (COC)

Is an independent and well established UK based motorcycle club financed by it's own members. It represents owners and enthusiasts of motorcycles and sidecars made in the Soviet Union or the former Soviet states, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and others, wherever they are in the world


F2 Motorcycles Ltd

UK based dealer in North Cambridgeshire stocking a full range of genuine factory Ural spares and offering used Urals as well as servicing and technical support. UK agent for Jawa and Chang Jiang motorcycles. 

Telephone 01945 410165


Read this IMPORTANT F2 Blog on Importing and Registering motorcycles into the UK with Right-Hand sidecars fitted.

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