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RM-06-026 - Dnepr 12


Operation Manual


This manual gives the basic but essential maintenance instructions and settings for the motorcycle

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Dnepr 12

(Ukraine) 746cc 28 bhp -  Side-valve engine. Mid 1970’s to 1984. Sidecar wheel drive is through a split torque differential, based on WWII BMW R75 system. Fitted with 4-speed and reverse gearbox. Mainly for military use in USSR.

None of the manuals shown here are Photocopies, all graphics have been digitally cleaned

As there is low demand for this manual it is still in Russian and has not yet been translated. But there have been enquiries for the manual so I have made one from models shown below.


This is a ‘Hybrid’ manual designed to help owners of the Dnepr 12. The basic manuals used are the Dnepr 16 Operation and K650 Care & Maintenance.


The K-650, MT-12 & MT-16 are very close models in that the Dnepr 12 uses the running gear of the Dnepr 11 & 16, and as the Dnepr 12 was a military model the MB650 sidecar drive has been used with the Diff lock.


The main difference is the replacement of the KMZ OHV engine with the 750cc Side-valve. However, even the different engine uses the same ignition (manual advance distributor) and 6volt generator, electrics etc. as used in the K-650 & MT-9. The 750cc engine is also used in the Ural M-72 and the Dnepr K-750.

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